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Your path to sexual well-being starts here.

Our mission at HelloGina is to empower people with vaginas to improve their mental and sexual wellness on their terms.

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The mind-body solution to painful sex

Take your sexual wellness into your own hands with HelloGina’s holistic program.

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It’s not all in your head

1 in 5 people with vaginas* experience pain during sex

HelloGina uses language to include everyone with a vagina because having a vagina is a question of anatomy, not gender.

You Don’t Need To ‘Just Relax’.

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Is penetrative sex painful or physically impossible?

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Are you anxious about putting in a tampon?

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Do you avoid visiting your OBGYN?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Think of HelloGinaTM as your sex coach, therapist, and personal trainer– all wrapped into one.

We developed a digital program using scientifically proven techniques and exercises to help you experience your sexuality on your terms.

How does it work?

Hear It From Our Community

*97.2% of participants would recommend HelloGinaTM to a friend


“I tried dealing with my vaginismus on my own through online forums and educational videos, but it was so hard to break my cycle of negative thoughts. This program helped me get out of the pit and stay on course.”





“When I started the program, my vagina was like a wall and I couldn’t even insert a finger. Buying and using a dilator set felt like jumping into the deep end. My coach helped me to prepare mentally, and by the time I got to the dilator unit I was motivated and hopeful for a change.”





“Due to my conservative upbringing, I’ve never told anyone about my vaginal pain. But as I went through the program, I began to feel more seen and less alien. I especially appreciated reading the stories from the fictional classmates who accompanied me in each unit.”





“Knowing that someone was reading through my journal entries and giving me feedback made me feel less alone. The program isn’t just about achieving pain-free penetration. It’s also about accepting your situation and inviting your emotions in.”




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Meet the team

Anna-Carlotta ZarskiAnna-Carlotta Zarski
Dr. Anna-Carlotta Zarski is the award-winning researcher who developed and evaluated the original German program.
Victoria Bindrum
Victoria Bindrum is a psychologist, author and content lead at HelloGinaTM.
Dr. Elena Herbert
Dr. Elena Heber is our Chief Clinical Officer and leads our clinical research team.
Verena SchmitzVerena Schmitz
Verena Schmitz is a trained psychotherapist and HelloGinaTM’s product owner.
Daphne Petrich
Daphne Petrich leads marketing & partnerships at HelloGinaTM.
Charlotte KirchhoffCharlotte Kirchhoff
Charlotte Kirchhoff, psychotherapist in training, co-developed the original program and supervises all HelloGinaTM coaches.

We’re a team of women’s health advocates, psychologists and psychotherapists who believe that sexual wellness is a human right and a core pillar of general health. 

HelloGina was based on a regulated German digital therapeutic program developed by our mother company, HelloBetter. In two clinical trials, HelloBetter© Vaginismus Plus was shown to be effective in reducing anxiety and pain related to vaginal penetration.

If you’re a care provider who is interested in integrating HelloGina into your practice, please get in touch with us.

Daphne PetrichDaphne Petrich
Victoria BindrumVictoria Bindrum
Dr. Elena HerbertDr. Elena Herbert
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